Friday, April 16, 2010


How do you properly stimulate the female breast to give her the most excitement? If her breasts are really big are they more sensitive? Do you need to do anything different with the girl who has very large boobs? Is it better for her if you get inside of her bra? I am writing a paper for my sex education class.


Why do I have a feeling that maybe you are hoping that I will write something really hot that you can keep under your pillow and take out when you feel lonely?

I'm going to answer your question even if you are trying to get some erotica out of me, because I know it is hard to ask girls what they really like, and other guys will brag (lie) about what they've done even if they are still virgins.

Most men who are turned on to women find breasts very attractive. Maybe they are fascinating because it's a part of her body that is very different than your body. So when you touch her breasts, try to express the positive feelings that you have about women in general. Be gentle and respectful unless she lets you know that she wants more firm stimulation.

There is a wide range of reactions among women to breast stimulation. Some women don't like much attention paid to that part of their body. It irritates them. Other women enjoy breast stimulation, but only in the same way that they might enjoy a back rub. Others find that their breasts and nipples are major erogenous zones that create a lot of sexual arousal if they are touched properly. Naked skin is more sensitive than skin that is covered by fabric.

I don't know any women who enjoy having guys stare at their tits as if that is the only part of them that deserves any attention. I know it's hard when you are full of adolescent hormones, but you will have a better experience with a girl if you are interested in conversation and spending time together as much as you are in her body. Respect the boundaries that she sets. Don't pressure her to do more than she wants to do. If you meet a girl who wants to do sexual things, just remember that sexual pleasure ought to be mutual. Give her body gentle attention. Compliment her. As her what feels good. If she is shy and doesn't want to talk about sex, tell her she can just move your hand if she wants you to touch her someplace else.

If she lets you touch her breasts, don't do the same things over and over again. Don't treat her nipples like doorbells and start twisting them. Pay attention to the whole breast, and focus on the nipple as she gets more excited. Alternative using your hand and your mouth. Stroking and squeezing at different pressures are a good way to find out what creates more heat. Pay attention to her breathing. When it speeds up, she is probably getting more excited.

When you have access to a girl's body, it is really tempting to pressure her for intercourse. It's important to make some decisions about your personal sex policy before you wind up in a situation where you are tempted and could do something you will regret. Sex is powerful; it can give you the most pleasure you can imagine, and it can also screw up your life forever.

How do you know what your own boundaries should be? Preserving your self-respect seems like a good place to start. Don't have sex with anybody if you'd be ashamed to acknowledge her in front of your friends. Don't go further unless you are sure she wants you to do that. Ask her to tell you what she wants, rather than just try to guess what her state of mind is. And finally, don't have intercourse unless you have decided what kind of birth control you want to use, you know how to use it, and it's available. If birth control is not available, don't have intercourse. Women can get pregnant the first time they have sex.

Remember that masturbation doesn't hurt anybody! While your body is changing a mile a minute and you are figuring out how to talk to girls and what you want sexually or in a romantic relationship, if you are in doubt about what to do, put up with some frustration, go home and find some privacy, and jack off. This will relieve the pressure and put your rational self back in control.

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