Support in Toronto?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I find it is hard to meet others in Toronto who have herpes to share this with and get support.

There is only one support group in a city of 3 million.  I tried going there but I didn’t feel connected.  Anyway, has anyone in the Toronto area ever thought of starting up more support groups here.  People are too quiet about herpes, we need to build strength with each other.

I find going on the herpes dating sites to be extremely frustrating in trying to meet people there.   They either live too far or dont return emails.  Has anyone heard of Hwerks?  There are very few people from Toronto on there.   Toronto is known to be very conservative and the stigma, especially here feels quite high.  Anyway, I feel alone on this subject here in Toronto.

Are there any suggestions in how to break the stigma?