Tell me about your wildhood

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am a gay man, and sometimes when my partner is kissing me, I imagine him eating me alive. This thought excites me very much. Although it is not something I am obsessed with, it concerns me. The reason is that I get turned on whenever I watch those nature documentaries where animals get eaten alive. I imagine that I am the one being eaten and dying.



Kinsey reported that at least 50 per cent of men he surveyed enjoy being bitten. Presumably, within that number there are men who are aroused by the idea of being eaten alive. It's not unrealistic that something like this would turn your crank, especially since some of the only sexually explicit material provided to us as children were nature shows—where animals were depicted mating and hunting.

Don't even get me started on my own little childhood tryst with the book Born Free by Joy Adamson. The purely instinctual aspect of animal rituals is undoubtedly exciting, and casting yourself in the role of prey doesn't seem at all unusual.

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