Toronto the cold?

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Your column has got to be the most boring sex column I've come across. You used to have some spark in your early days, but now it's just a buncha shout-outs to your crusty friends at Come As You Are. You represent sex in Toronto: repressed, cold and boring. Either sex up your column or find something else to write about.



Listen, Damien, don't get all down on Toronto's sexual persona just because you think my column sucks. I can tell you for certain that if you think sex in this city is repressed, cold and boring, the fault is entirely your own. Just about every day of the week there's something saucy going on here where people of all orientations can get down and if you'd been reading correctly, you'd know that, because most of them get regular coverage right here. And obviously you have never set foot in Come As You Are because there is not one person in there who isn't 100 per cent humpable. Sheesh. Losebag.

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