Touch and Go

Thursday, October 08, 2009


I don't know if it's possible for guys to squirt a clear liquid that is not semen. I've seen females ejaculate and know it's a clear liquid, but I don't know if biologically it would be possible for a guy to have a third liquid to squirt. When I lube up my cock, and rub the head in a circular motion with the palm of my hand, I end up shooting out something. I get the sensation of like a nerve ending overload and then it starts and the head is super sensitive. Have you heard of anything like this and is it some sort of male sensation, or am I just pissing myself from over stimulation?

Hopefully Not a Bed Wetter


This is pre-ejaculate, it sounds like, and while for a lot of men it just kind of blub, blub, blubs out a bit, for some it does shoot a little. It's not pee. In fact, its job in part is to neutralize the acidity in the urethra caused by pee so that the sperm can get through safely. It's basically the Underground Railroad for the sperm and it comes primarily from what are known as the bulbourethral glands. And lubing up your cock and rubbing your head in whatever motion gets you off will very naturally provide a pleasant sensation, regardless of how your pre-ejaculate emerges.

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