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Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm bisexual and would like to do a threesome with my boyfriend. We've talked about it, of course, and about how to find someone to play with us, but we're both a bit confused about where to go. I thought about going on Fetlight, but I don't want to "pollute" the community with this type of ad. I mean, I'm not on Fetlight, so I'm not really sure if the community there would be understanding, but then again, reading the description of the site, I felt like that wasn't the right place to go.

The classifieds make me go blech, because I have the feeling I'll get loads of answers from creeps. Do you have some nice advice for such a search?


Hurrah for threesomes, the gateway act to radical sex exploration! I'm afraid you won't find anyone to play with you on Fetlight, though, Bi, as the only Fetlight online is a German site offering travel packages to Thailand ( not a whiff of nonsense about it. Seriously, if it is a site for sex tourism, it's beyond even my capacity for decoding Teutonic stolidity.

I think you mean, where you shouldn't be concerned at all about putting up a profile that contains an interest in threesomes. Group sex is definitely considered a kink—a light one in some people's books, but a kink nonetheless.

You're also not alone in your desire to avoid creepos in your search for free love. But here's the thing about free stuff: people really like it. If you've ever worked a table at one of the many outdoor festivals that Toronto hosts (like Word On The Street), you know that people will grab at anything, no matter what it is—balloon, steaming turd, ballpoint pen—if it's free.

And when it comes to stuff like free sex, some people have an extra-hard time being courteous or respectful. So try not to let it get to you when you get responses that are inarticulate, contain little more than a picture of someone's erect penis or seem deeply entitled. Delete and move along.

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