Friday, July 14, 2006


When I'm having intercourse, air sometimes escapes from my pussy as I am being penetrated. This seems to happen more often if I am especially excited. And when I come, well, of course there can be quite an explosion. It sounds like a fart, and I don't find it erotic at all. Neither have some of my partners. Is there anything I can do to make this stop? I sometimes get so self-conscious, I avoid sex, or I try not to come.


I think the problem is that you are having sex with too many guys who have no sense of humor. A Caribbean friend of mine once dismissed this problem, saying, "Good punani speaks for itself." Some women just happen to be shaped so that air gets into the vagina when they are having sex. When it escapes, the inner eight-year-old comes out, and we want to make fart jokes, which just hurts your feelings. What an unfair trick anatomy has played on you! Is it any comfort to hear that many women find that their vaginas can release air at unpropitious moments? When an orgasm takes over your body, you can't help but bear down. The entire pelvic area is contracting. I've had plenty of real farts directed at me, and it just makes me laugh (if my partner can laugh with me) and hug her tight. It's a sign of intense passion and pleasure, and shouldn't be viewed with disgust or upset anybody.

But I know we live in a far from perfect world, and your partners may not share my enthusiasm for all of the manifestations of desire and erotic satisfaction. The only thing I can think of is to pay attention to which positions seem to stretch your vagina enough that air gets taken in. I would guess that if your legs are being spread especially wide, that would open up the vagina as well. See if this happens when you can keep your legs closer together

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