Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am a big fan of the Hitachi Magic Wand. I think every woman should own one. I am very intrigued by the We-Vibe and I am writing to you to ask your opinion of it. Have you experienced it or know of anyone who has? Is it worth the steep price tag?



I got no love from the We-Vibe. When worn, as per the instructions, while I made love, I felt like I was getting a UTI and, as a Magic Wand driver myself, I found the vibration nugatory. Insert side-splitting Pee-Vibe or Wee-Vibe pun here.

Shelley Taylor from Venus Envy (where they've sold, like, a bajillion) had this to say about the feedback she's been getting: "The We-Vibe has been unbelievably popular, and for some very good reasons. Its unique design allows for simultaneous clit and g-spot stimulation. Also many women find it to be small and flexible enough to use during intercourse. It's also a well-made, rechargeable toy that's easy to clean and maintain.

"That being said, there are some things about it that might not work for all women. It's not all that powerful. If someone regularly uses the Wand, it's likely that the We-Vibe is going to feel like a pleasant buzz, not even close to orgasmic. In terms of comfort, the We-Vibe is marketed as a 'couple's toy,' meaning they've built it to be used by one man and one woman while they're fucking, but some people won't be able to use it during sex due to their or their partner's shape and size and so on."

(In some of their promotion, the makers are very careful to note that "the world is looking for toys to spice up the average heterosexual couple's sex life and the We-Vibe does that without alienating or replacing the man. The We-Vibe is a non-threatening, non-phallic, elegant little device.")

For someone who doesn't need a whole lot of torque and likes the idea of the clit and g-spot being attended to simultaneously, the We-Vibe could be just the thing. Shelley "really liked it as a g-spot toy when I turned it around and used the larger end inside and the smaller end outside. And a penis isn't really necessary: the We-Vibe works really well with fingers too."

If this all sounds intriguing but the hefty price tag still has you on the fence, I'd suggest scoping the list of this year's Genie nominees for a possible playmate. The We-Vibe was included in their gift bags.

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