Wet and Worried

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I find this question extremely embarrassing, and I’m sure that there is no simple answer but I guess I’d like to share in the hopes that I’m not alone on this!

I’m a bisexual female in my late 30s.  I have to say my 30s has been a great time for sexual self-discovery.  My first female partner reached orgasm very easily and was an ejaculator.  I had had no experience of this!  Several years later (long after that relationship ended) I discovered that I too could ejaculate, copiously.  I have no question— this is NOT urine.  I also, with the right partner, tend to have multiple orgasms.  These can be extremely variable in frequency and intensity, but generally build in intensity.  An orgasm with ejaculation requires a certain type/level of stimulation and ‘letting-go’.   But, here is my issue.  I know from masturbating that there is a minor risk that I could let go to the point that my bowels also release.  Messy!  And potentially embarrassing!  The liquids don’t really embarrass me, but I don’t want to drop a turd with someone!  This has inhibited me just a little.   Does this happen to others?   Other than perhaps a pre-love making enema I can’t see how to be sure that if I completely let go that this won’t happen.  Thoughts?


Yes, sometimes when a person gets lost in an erotic moment, shit happens. It’s kind of like when you’re eating an amazing meal with a great group of friends and you laugh and food comes out your nose. When many of the things that cause the pleasure are so close to the things that help the pleasure function, things can get a little messy. The holes of life, they are grouped together very closely.

I cannot tell you that there is no danger of pooing during sex. Or farting. Or peeing. Or getting your period all over someone. Or farting, pooing and getting your period all over someone at the same time. What I will suggest is that you look into some books and videos that focus on the pubococcygeus muscle (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pubococcygeus_muscle) as well as the sphincter muscles (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sphincter_ani_externus_muscle) so you have some idea of how things function under the surface in your southern hole area.

An enema will help evacuate any sticky surprises. As will a Shower Shot (http://www.amazon.com/Mr-S-Leather-Complete-Douche-Shower-Aluminum/dp/B001SIC79K). But please, don’t let fear override your pleasure. You are human. And humans pee, poo, get their periods and fuck all in a space of about six inches. It’s goddamn Manhattan in July down there, okay? Give yourself a break.

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