Wht th Fck?

Friday, July 30, 2010


hi sashaaaa,

luv ur name, by the way. i think 2yrs ago a girl wrote 2u how her boyfriend din't like her big clik well im all about clik de bigger the better, so i was wondering if u can give this girl my e-mail. plz i haven found a big clik girl 2 eater for over1year. thanx love ur side.


I want you to get yourself two books, Browndog. One is The Good Vibrations Guide To Sex, where you will learn the correct terminology for women's sex organs. The other is The Elements Of Style (you can find this little gem online), where you will learn how to be a more conscientious letter writer. I can practically guarantee you will have a much easier time becoming intimate with clitorises of all shapes and sizes if you know how to skilfully woo their owners.

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