Dr. Amanda

I am absolutely fascinated by and dedicated to the healing process. After searching for 15 years, finding the root of my own health concerns left me with a strong appreciation for the importance of addressing the whole patient, asking the tough questions, thinking outside the box and keeping up with the latest research. After completing a finance degree and working as banker, I found myself in the midst of applying for law school, continued deterioration of my own health and events that forced me to contemplate how short life can be.

Upon examining my choices and passions with an open mind, I found that I was fixated on improving my health. The healing I had experienced was while under the care of Naturopathic Doctors so I set out to become one myself. My motivation to complete a year of prerequisite chemistry classes and attend 4 years of intense study at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, learning everything I could do to heal myself and others, was unwavering. 

The journey from Small Business Banker and aspiring student of law to Naturopathic Doctor was a roller coaster of ups and downs spiritually, mentally and physically. I learned the hard way that having a highly customized total health care plan built on a solid foundation of reasonable and reliable, research based testing and treatments is of utmost importance.

In my spare time I focus on staying grounded by socializing, creating art, music and cultivating a rejuvenating home space. My latest interest is achieving physical fitness through daily activities that bring me joy be it activities with family, gardening, sailing, ballet, yoga in the office or foraging for plants during a hike.