Felice Shays

Known for her straight talk and humor, Queer, Jewish, Femme Felice Shays teaches and coaches sex and BDSM across the US and Canada at countless conferences, sex toy shops, universities, and private functions including: Good For Her, Black Rose, Pacific Friction, Dark Odyssey, Babeland, LSM, TES, Wicked Womyn, Shebop, KinkFest, Sugar, Tribal Fire, Come As You Are, The Exiles, Desire, Thunder In The Mountains, and Bringing Age Out Of The Closet. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Felice, for over 15 years, has encouraged people to do breathtaking sexual feats and is a devotee of love, respect, kicking ass, and having the conversations that scare us. Check out her chapter in the anthology, “The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic Edge”,  Brutal Affection: Playing With Rough Sex.