Ponygirl Bixy

Ponygirl Bixy is this year's titleholder for the North American Pony/ Trainer Contest. As the North American Pony of 2014, she is passionate about bringing the pleasures of Pony Play to Leather folk and Kinksters alike. Located in Ottawa, ON Canada, Bixy also counts her experience as Ms. National Capital Leather Pride 2012, the winner of Grand Champion at the Brimstone III Pony Show, and being the founder of the Ottawa Pony & Critter Club as part of her resume. She has been involved in Pony Play for the past year and a half, and has presented a variety of workshops on Pony Play. Outside the stable, Bixy gets into plenty of trouble in the forms of some of her favourite past times and kinks- volunteering with local organisations from RuffnTumble, a Puppy Play group, to the Ottawa Rubber Social Group, as well as with Mr. Leather Ottawa, Ottawa Knights, MAsT Ottawa, and various kinky groups. If she's not at a meeting or an event, she can be found enjoying her time in the arena frolicking with other Ponies, doing needle play, percussive and rough body play, as well as whatever other mischief she can get into. She enjoys contributing to others' passions and having fun in the process.