Shu Araya

Operations Manager, Shushan Araya (Shu) is a full-time employee at Venus Envy, a migrant justice organizer, Agitate! queer people of colour collective member, an anti-poverty activist and a lover of books and dancing. Shu holds a BSc in Biology and Psychology and loves to nerd out on books, zines and blogs on radical sexual health. Shu's worked at Venus Envy for close to 3 years in different capacities, and has written on sexual health for queer women and women who sleep with women but is new to facilitating workshops. Shu is comfortable talking about sex, sexuality and sexual health with anyone who wants to, and LOVES the part of her job where she gets to learn from, and talk to folks about how awesome our bodies are. When Shu isn't at work, she is often found at coffee shops on dates with bell hooks (in book form), or friends (in person form).