Taq Bhandal

Femme settler of colour and PhD Student at the Social Justice Institute at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver/Xwméthkwyiem Territory.  My parents immigrated to Metro Vancouver in 1984 from Punjab, India and so I was born, live, and work on the unceded, ancestral lands of the Coast Salish peoples and continue to support Indigenous movements of self-determination.  I also lived and worked in Halifax/K'jipuktuk for 5 years.  

Outside of my PhD, I volunteer with the Vancouver Women’s Health Collective which is a small, non-profit organization and community health clinic in the Downtown Eastside. I also work at zero-waste, bulk refill store called the Soap Dispensary and Kitchen Staples. Overall I aim to live a career/life-style that balances research, teaching, creative writing, organizational skills, cooking (and eating of course!), sustainability, and community involvement.