Bootblack Skillshare
Bootblack Skillshare



Thursday, September 13, 2018, from 19:30 to 21:30

Bootblack Skillshare


Bootblack Skillshare
Shine, grease, and leather!

Curious about shoe-shining and boot-blacking? Want to know what the draw is? Want to learn more tricks or share what you know? Need to learn the basics? Join us for a bootblack skillshare!

The focus for this skillshare will be on the polishing side of bootblacking, rather than cleaning, greasing or repair. If you have boots or shoes that can take a polish, please bring them, but some will be provided if necessary!

My name is CShelly, and I am the current titleholder of Bootblack Ottawa 2018. I am better known as one of the leaders of Rope Enthusiasts Ottawa, but those who know me know how much joy I take in cleaning and blacking the boots of those I care for. The only thing that could bring me more delight would be to share what I've learned from other wonderful bootblacks with the community that has nurtured my kinky side.

If you want to attend, I recommend you bring the following:
* Clean, cotton or flannel rags
* Black shoe polish (easily purchased in many shoe repair stores, department stores, or Zelikovitz Leathers store)
* Saddle soap (Apple Saddlery or Zelikovitz Leathers) or pure glycerin soap (be careful that it's pure glycerin, most have something mixed in - can buy at Bulk Barn)
* Men's shaving brush (you can get cheap ones from the dollar store or pharmacies)
* Shoe shine brush (most shoe repair stores, department stores, or Zelikovitz Leathers)
*A cushion or knee pads for comfort

What you don't have, I will provide, but I have limited supplies so please try to bring what you can. At the least, please bring some cotton rags! **Please** bring any shoes or boots that you think need/can have cleaning and shining done to them! We'll help you figure out how to care for them and it'll give everyone a good hands-on practice.