Galaxies of Pleasure, Galaxies of Healing: Exploring the Complexity of Consent



Tuesday, September 11, 2018, from 19:00 to 20:30


Venus Envy Halifax (1598 Barrington St.)


Carmella Farahbakhsh

Galaxies of Pleasure, Galaxies of Healing: Exploring the Complexity of Consent



We hold powerful spells, we are deep oceans of ancestral brilliance, our bodies are maps of legacy and story. You are welcomed to a facilitated conversation that aims to explore the complexity of consent through an anti racist/ anti oppressive lens. In this conversation, we will explore popular narratives around consent and work to destabilize, re write, queer, and disrupt them. We will explore intersections of culture, faith, and sex while working to hold our own truths in decolonizing our desires. We will reflect on the ways that trauma lives in our bodies and sometimes affects our capacities to connect in intimate ways. We will conjure magic and cultivate space for joy in rethinking futures where standards of beauty and success have been reimagined and taught to hold care, where pillars of supremacy and colonization have been uprooted. We will discuss the ways that substance use further complicates conversations around harm reduction, consent, and building equitable relationships in the face of supremacy and power imbalance. We will trace our memory architecture back to ourselves and manifest the kinds of loving that we are most deserving of. This workshop aims to centre peer-to-peer learning, all the questions you are bringing, all the brilliance and wisdom you have and have cultivated, your knowledge and genius about your body and boundaries, and your magic! We are all experts of our own experiences. We are dedicated to holding the multifaceted parts of personal and political identities such as race, disability, class, and trauma and will work together to hold a space of learning, complexity, accountability, and care. Please come prepared to participate in group conversations (within your comfort level).