Glow Body Painting for Twosomes
Glow Body Painting for Twosomes



Saturday, September 14, 2019, from 20:00 to 21:30


Jennifer Ethier

Glow Body Painting for Twosomes



Join Jennifer for a Qurious evening of couple’s body painting under neon lights. What to expect: You and your partner will be guided through a series of meditative questions that will help you focus on the sensations of painting and being painted. Too often we are pulled from the present moment, leaving us in a mess of stress, anxiety and motor mind. This, unfortunately, has negatively affected the level of sexual fulfillment for many people. Come destress in a safe, judgment-free zone with like-minded folks who want an evening of exploration, play and self-care.


The logistics: This is an inclusive event whereby all kinds of twosomes are welcome. Please come prepared for getting messy. A bathing suit or clothing you don’t mind getting covered in paint is recommended. Baby wipes will be provided so no one leaves looking like a human canvass, although you are welcomed to do so as well. The paints being used are non-toxic and will wash out of clothing. Please note that this event will require undergarments to stay on, however, if you are comfortable you may choose to remove your top.


**PLEASE NOTE**: The listed cost of this event is for two people.