More Than Two


Thorntree Press

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From partners, authors, and practicing polyamorists Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert comes the long-awaited, wide-ranging resource exploring the often-complex world of living polyamorously. 

Highlighting the nuances (no, this isn't swining), the relationship options (do you want a V, and N, an open network?), the myths (don't count on wild orgies and endless sex- but don't rule them out , either!), and the expectations (communication, transparency, and trust are paramount), the authors share not only their hard-won philosophies about polyamory, but also their hurts and embarrassments. 

More Than Two is entirely without judgment and peppered with a good dose of humour. Franklin and Eve underscore the importance of engaging in ethical polyamory, while gently guiding readers through the thorny issues of jealousy and insecurity. 

Customer Reviews