Non-Monogamy for Queers with Andrea Zanin
Non-Monogamy for Queers with Andrea Zanin



Tuesday, August 22, 2017, from 19:30 to 21:30


Venus Envy Ottawa


Andrea Zanin

Non-Monogamy for Queers with Andrea Zanin



It’s always a challenge to make the leap into the wide world of non-monogamous relationships, but that challenge takes on special dimensions when you’re queer. How do we navigate sometimes too-small queer communities when we’re non-monogamous? How do we find our way in a queer culture that gives us conflicting messages about marriage and monogamy versus radical sex-positivity and sexual adventurousness? What are some common pitfalls of non-monogamous relationships, and how can we avoid them? And just how many times do we have to come out about one more thing that makes us different from the norm, anyway? This will be a discussion-based workshop with plenty of opportunities to share your own stories, questions, tips and tricks. Special bonus: we’ll approach the topic from a non-judgmental perspective, with no monogamy-bashing and with lots of emphasis on joy, love, respect, pleasure and choice.