One in Every Crowd


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Customer Reviews

"Ivan E. Coyote is one of North America's best-loved storytellers; her honest, wry, plain-spoken tales about gender, identity, and family have attracted readers and live audiences around the world. For many years, Ivan has performed in high schools, where her talks have inspired and galvanized many young people to embrace their own sense of self and to be proud of who they are. One in Every Crowd, Ivan's sixth story collection, is her first specifically for queer youth.

"Comprised of new stories and others culled from previous collections, One in Every Crowd is for anyone who has ever felt alone in their struggle to be true to themselves. Included are stories about Ivan's own tomboy past in Canada's north, where playing hockey and wearing pants were the norm; and about her life in the big city, where she encounters both cruelty and kindness in unexpected places. Then there are the heartfelt tales of young people like Francis, the curly-haired little boy who likes to wear dresses, and Ruby, a teenager who tells Ivan, 'You remind me of me. And nobody ever reminds me of me.'

"Funny and inspiring, One in Every Crowd is really for everyone; it's about embracing and celebrating difference and feeling comfortable in one's own skin, no matter what the circumstance."

"Collected here, the details of kid life, including all things bright and shiny, disappointing, hurt, and hard. This book has all the potency of a good knee scrape and the love of a Gran. I loved it."

- MARIKO TAMAKI, author of Skim

Customer Reviews