Rough Sex: Consent and Desire



Saturday, January 06, 2018, from 7:00 to 8:30


Venus Envy Halifax (1598 Barrington Street)




Felice Shays

Rough Sex: Consent and Desire



The sweet intersection of slap and kiss. The rough and tumble of spank and caress, of commanding voice and gentle stroke, of laugh and growl. This sound like you? Or wish it could be? Come join New York City sex and BDSM educator Felice Shays as she teaches you to use your hands, mouth, toys, and imagination to delve deep into what is often taboo and always breath-taking hot. Let’s talk about power, fears, and how to discuss it with ourselves and our partners. This is Felice’s favorite class! Come learn how to spank, slap, restrain, and more – always safe but never boring! We will explore gender dynamics, emotional limits and release, safety, partnered positions, head space, anatomy, dirty talk, and stuff we get to use - from feathers to floggers and take downs to Tim Horton’s . All genders, ages and individuals, couples and all kinds of relationship connections are welcome. Bring your questions and your curiosity.