Sexual Confidence In and Out of the Bedroom



Saturday, March 09, 2019, from 19:00 to 21:00


Venus Envy Halifax - 1598 Barrington St.


Luna Matatas

Sexual Confidence In and Out of the Bedroom



Sex is intimidating. Figuring out how to pleasure your partner, communicating what and how you like it, getting adventurous to try something new without feeling silly – all these worries and more can make us feel like we aren’t superstars in bed. From body confidence, to tips for sex skills building and advice on using sexy communication to discover desires, this class will build your confidence for a new approach to sex with your existing or new partners. Learn:

How to build body confidence

Becoming an amazing giver and receiver

How to be a responsive lover

How to navigate negative body thoughts, shame, self-esteem barriers

Tips for exploring your sexuality, sexual interests and attractions

Techniques for practicing sexual confidence inside and outside of sex

This is a presentation style workshop, you do not need a partner to attend and all genders are welcome.