Simple Tools for Skillful Boundaries



Sunday, October 06, 2019, from 18:00 to 20:15


Venus Envy Halifax - 1598 Barrington St.


Hannah Harris-Sutro

Simple Tools for Skillful Boundaries



Boundaries: one of the hardest damn things to figure out, amirite?

In this workshop, participants will learn a simple, practical, body-centred process for figuring out their boundaries, articulating those boundaries to those who need to know about them, and maintaining those boundaries. Boundaries exist to structure our lives so that more of what we desire and need gets in, and more of what drains and hurts us stays out, and our bodies are a deep well of up-to-the-minute accurate information about our needs, desires, and capacities. Developing our skills around setting boundaries allows us to take better care of ourslves, have more mutually nurturing relationships, and ride the up & down ferris wheel of life more smoothly.

This workshop is dissociation-friendly & trauma-informed / participation is a spectrum & nothing is obligatory.