The Commodification of Pride: A Facilitated Conversation



Wednesday, July 25, 2018, from 19:00 to 20:30


Venus Envy Halifax - 1598 Barrington Street




Carmella Farahbakhsh

The Commodification of Pride: A Facilitated Conversation



You are welcomed to a facilitated conversation about the systemic and widespread commodification of pride celebrations. This space will be participatory and will be centred around self examination and discussion. The goal of this space is to be one of reflection, healing, and movement. This conversation aims to use larger concepts such as community/family, power, and access as a lens to examine questions such as:

-In which ways are your queerness and consumerism connected? How is this linked to pink-washing?

-How do you feel or see yourself represented within queer joy or queer celebration? How is this tied to mass consumption of certain kinds of "acceptable" queerness?

-Is celebration a tangible part of your queer identity? How does this show up in how you present? In how your body feels? In how you hold relationships?

-Can queerness be appropriated?

-Who is systemically erased and excluded from Pride? How is this tied to celebration and joy? Who has ready access to "liberation" or "freedom"?

-What does a decolonizing of corporate pride look like/ feel like?

 This space was created and imagined to host and center queer brilliance, magic, and peer-to-peer learning. We are all experts of our own experiences. We are dedicated to holding the multifaceted parts of personal and political identities such as race, disability, class, and trauma and will work together to hold a space of learning, complexity, accountability, and care.