Womanizer Pro 500

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Don't let the name deter you!  The Womanizer has been making waves in the sex toy world for its creative new design. This toy wraps around the clitoris and gives a feeling of pulsation and suction - a totally new kind of feeling from a toy. 

Unlike traditional vibes, the Womanizer doesn't make contact with the most sensitive part of the clit. So on a low setting, it can be gently stimulating and slowly bring you toward orgasm. On a high setting, it provides intense power and sensation. It's a great choice for anyone who is hypersensitive or finds other vibrators numbing, or just anyone looking for something different!

The Womanizer Pro 500 is  fully waterproof, has 8 different settings, and boasts a range of intensity. It's more powerful overall than the Pro 40 and W100 models, with the lowest setting also being more intense. There is one button to change the intensity (just follow the + and - signs!), and the on/off button is a Swarovski crystal. There are two differently sized removable heads, made of easy-to-clean, 100% silicone, while the body is made of ABS plastic. A full charge takes two hours, and provides up to 4 hours of run time. The package includes a second silicone head, a USB-charging cable and a satin storage pouch.

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