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I'm looking for a vibe that would be good to use with my partner during sex (we're a hetero couple); what can you recommend?

Many people choose a vibrating cock ring to share with a partner. Another great toy that can be used during intercourse is the We-vibe. The We-vibe sits inside the vagina pressing up against the g-spot with the outside arm pushing against the clit. The We-vibe is small and flexible and is meant to be used with a well lubricates penis, toy or fingers, so an excellent partner toy! A toy that both of you benefit from can be a great way to start playing with toys together. Some people worry that their partner may feel left out if they're enjoying a toy or that their partner may feel replaced by the toy. Most of the folks we talk to, however, think it's really hot watching their lover enjoy themselves, with or without a toy!

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