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We think our customers deserve quality products and good information, and that sex should be dirty in a good way, not a shameful one. So have fun!

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Love Taps • Love Taps • Hurting and Ashamed

Dear Patrick: I am writing about the woman whose girlfriend wanted to have, she felt, too many... » Read more

Love Taps • Love Taps • Put Off

Dear Patrick: I’m an attendant for a paraplegic man. He needs to be catheterized a few times a... » Read more

Love Taps • Love Taps • Stuck

Dear Patrick: I am a 36-year-old woman who has struggled with depression her whole life. My... » Read more

Love Taps • Love Taps • A Caring Client

Dear Patrick: When I hire a woman to have sex with me, am I doing her any harm? It was recently... » Read more

Love Taps • Love Taps • Shattered

Dear Patrick: I am one of about 2,000 American veterans whose genitals were injured by an IED (... » Read more

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