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We think that the business of providing sexual and erotic products and information is founded on trust and respect. Thus, we understand that collecting, using, and (most of all) protecting your personal information and privacy is a matter of importance and responsibility.

Personal Information
When you visit our website, we collect no personal information about you until you choose to order from us. We store that information securely, and we use that information only for the purpose of processing your purchases.

Financial Information

Payments through our web site are processed by Paypal or by Moneris. We do not store your credit card information for longer than the few seconds it takes to pass it along to the financial institutions (and even then, it is encrypted).

All our products are shipped discreetly in innocuous boxes, and neither the contents nor the shipper are explicitly identified on the packing materials.

Our promises to you:

  1. We will never sell or rent or share our customer data.
  2. We securely encrypt, verify, and otherwise protect the personal data we collect and store. (See our security page for details.)
  3. We will not use the information we collect (such as your email address) for any purpose not directly related to your purchase, unless you explicitly ask join our mailing list (which is in turn only used to send out our store newsletters and their errata).
  4. We protect the anonymity of our newsletter subscribers by sending our email newsletter to each subscriber individually.
  5. We will send your order anonymously: it will be packed in discreet, plain boxes and marked as shipping from our legal business name - 9373616 Canada Inc. Orders shipped outside of Canada will be described on Customs forms in everyday terms such as "massager," "toy," "book," "belt," "lotion," or "movie."

Information collection

We ask only for the personal information necessary to verify your credit and ship your order, and we use it only for those purposes. The information we ask for includes billing and shipping information, which remains on file in your account for your convenience. Your financial information is handled by either PayPal or Moneris, and is not retained in our systems.

While you are browsing our web site, information about what pages you look at is recorded for the purpose of evaluating the popularity and effectiveness of our site. This information includes the type of web browser you use, the IP address of your Internet Service Provider, and what pages or search engines referred you to our site. This data is used to generate statistics used by the web designer and management to improve the performance of our website. It is never connected with any identifying personal information, and is only used in statistical aggregate form.