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Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions we really do frequently get asked, either in the stores or online. Can't find the answer here? Contact us.


Can you send my order in discreet packaging?

Absolutely! All online orders ship in plain brown boxes, and list the sender as either 'Customer Service' or '9373616 Canada Inc.'.

If I live in Halifax, can I order online and pick-up at the Halifax store?

No, all our online orders ship from Ottawa. If you want local delivery or pick-up from the Halifax store, you should contact them directly.

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

We make every effort to process online orders within one business day, but it could take up to 2 days during busy periods, and up to 3 days during sales. After that, it depends on where you are and the shipping option you choose. For more information, see our Shipping page.

Can you ship directly to a post office?

We don't ship directly to post offices, but you can still make it happen by signing up for Canada Post FlexDelivery.

Can you leave the package in my backyard?

We ship with Canada Post, so once your package leaves our hands, we have very little say about what happens to it. If you want your package left somewhere specific, your best bet would be to make pals with your friendly local postal worker.

Online Ordering + Returns

What does your noise scale mean?

We rate all our vibrating toys on a 7-point noise scale. To do this, we use a highly unscientific but very effective process of listening really hard and comparing vibes to each other.

A one-star on the noise scale means you can barely hear it when turned on. A two or three means you can hear it, but it's easily muffled with a blanket or a pillow. A four you can muffle with music, but could definitely hear in a quiet room. Five and six are fairly loud - without other noise, they could be heard down the hall, but not on a different floor. And a seven we reserve for the loudest of toys, the kind that make the whole house shake!

What does your power scale mean?

We rate all our vibrating toys on a 7-point power scale, based on their highest speed. The scale is subjective, but it should give you a good idea of how strong a toy is. For reference, one star is a very gentle one-speed bullet, suitable for those who are very sensitive to stimulation. Four stars are often a safe bet if you're just starting out. They give you a good amount of power, but won't knock your socks off. Seven stars are reserved for the most powerful vibrating wands, so are usually best for experienced users.

I changed my mind! Can I return my toy?

Outside of books and binders, everything we sell is final sale. We guarantee our customers that all our products are brand new and unhandled by anyone else, so even if it's unopened or unused, we won't take it back.

Books and binders may be exchanged for another product or store credit within 14 days of receiving your package, as long as they are returned in perfect condition. For more information, see our Returns Page.

My toy is broken. What do I do?

First, give us a call (toll-free) at 877-370-9288. We’ll help you troubleshoot to make sure your toy doesn’t just need a different kind of battery or a slightly longer charge.
If it turns out it is broken and still within the warranty period, just ship it back to the Ottawa store and we’ll be happy to send you a new one. You’ll pay to ship it to us, and we’ll cover shipping a new one to you. For more info, see our Returns Page.

What name will appear on my credit card statement?

The charge will appear as Venus Envy. If you’re worried about prying eyes, just tell them that you bought a bunch of books ;)

Sex Toys + Sexual Health

What's your best/best-selling sex toy?

All bodies are different, so the best-selling toy won’t necessarily be the one that’s best for you. Learning what your body likes is a process, and finding the best toy for you is really half the fun.

How do you choose your products?

A lot of different factors help us decide which products to carry, including considerations of materials, ethics, and the manufacturing process. We'd love to talk more in-depth about this - if you have more questions, reach out!

You have so many options! How do I decide?

We’d love to help you make a choice! Reach out by email at, or by phone (toll-free) at 877-370-9288.

You can also check this page, all about How to Choose.

Which toys are for men/women/people of a particular gender?

Sex toys don’t have genders, any there’s no right or wrong way to use them (unless you’re putting something in your butt, in which case, it MUST have a flared base). We’re firm believers in using sex toys to explore your body and discover what feels good, regardless of marketing claims or societal expectations. Ignore whatever the packaging says - the only limit is your imagination.

I lost my charger. Can I buy a new one from you?

If you bought the toy from us, we can probably find a new charger for you. We sell many replacement chargers on the web store, but if you don’t see it online, get in touch with us and we’ll try and find one.


How can I make my penis bigger?

Here's the bad news: for cis men, there is nothing short of surgery that will permanently increase the size of a penis. Pumps and cock rings can offer slight, temporary increases, but results are transitory. Any pills or lotions that claim to increase penis size are just bunk.

Here's the good news: while size might matter to some people, you don't need a huge penis to have hot sex. Research shows that being present, connected, and a good communicator are the most important factors in having hot sex. And anyone can do those things, no matter what their size.

Are people really in to that?

Yes. People like a great many things, and we attempt to cater to as wide a spectrum of desires as we can. Desire and pleasure are very individual things, meaning that what's statistically average or considered "normal" isn't necessarily what revs your engine. Lots of stuff is especially fun precisely because it's taboo or uncommon. All this erotic diversity means that everyone is different, not that any kind of desire is better or worse than any other, regardless of how mainstream or exotic it may be.