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What's the difference between the Keeper and the Diva Cup?

The Diva cup is made out of silicone and the keeper out of natural gum rubber (latex). They both work in the same way but are shaped a bit differently. The Diva has a slightly longer body with a more gentle taper at the base which some women find sits too low in the vagina causing irritation. Others may find the Diva more comfortable. The Diva comes with a one-year trial period and the Keeper has a three-month trial period. The only way to know which one (if either) will be comfortable is to try them. The final difference is that the Diva has been on the market for about a year and the Keeper for about 20 years. We know that the Keeper lasts for about 10 years, but don't know how long the Diva Cup will last.

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