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How To They/Them: A Visual Guide

Author Stuart Getty
Sold out

“This tender, smart, personal book is a gift. Stuart Getty generously shows us, with witty illustrations and kind humor, the hows and whys of they/them pronouns. A wonderful and necessary resource that is a delight to read.”
—Michelle Tea, author of Modern Tarot and Valencia

What does nonbinary really mean? What is gender nonconforming? And isn't they a plural pronoun? In this charming and disarming guide, a real-life they-using genderqueer writer unpacks all your burning questions in a fun, visual way. No soapboxes or divisive comment-section wars here!

Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always human, this gender-friendly primer will get you up to speed. It's about more than just bathrooms and pronouns--this is about gender expression and the freedom to choose how to identify. While they might only be for some, that freedom is for everyone!

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 Format Paperback
Pages 240
Year Published 2020

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“[A] clear, kind guide to gender nonconformity. Getty's cheeky tone and the punchy black-and-white illustrations by Brooke Thyng make this book a useful reference for anyone with questions about gender, whether their own or those they witness in the larger world.”

“Straightforward, practical, relevant navigation through the radiant world of gender fluidity.”
—Kirkus Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Fabulous Resource

I bought this book to give to my parent's to help them understand my & my partner's pronouns and how to wrap their heads around how to use them respectfully ect. This is the third book I've bought for the task, and by far the best! It's easy and engaging to read while still covering all of the important points, and most importantly to me, is authoritative without being aggressive . The tone strikes a perfect balance of emphasizing the importance and impact of using correct pronouns and respecting gender identity without coming off as preachy or accusatory and that means a lot to me.

10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a similar text!