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Kaleigh Trace

Kaleigh (Annie) Trace is your typical inexpert sex-expert. Almost always unsure of what she is doing, she will do it all anyway and laugh in the face of her subsequent disasters. Luckily, disasters are excellent learning experiences and they have led her to write and lecture all across the country. Her work has appeared in The Coast, The Huffington Post, and The Tide. She writes for her own blog, The Fucking Facts, as well as writing online sex advice for Venus Envy.  Last year she put out a small manual/zine called 'Every Body's Doing It - Talking About Sex and Disability', which is available for purchase at Venus Envy and Come As You Are. She is also currently in the midst of writing her first book, as is evidenced by her chewed-down finger nails and coffee shakes. It will detail her fuck ups and fumbles on the pathway to sexual liberation (because writing a less risque memoir was just too easy). As a queer, feminist sex-educator she has spoken at conferences across Canada, from Vancouver to Guelph. At one time she was also a D-list celebrity due to a music video she co-wrote about consensual sex. With promoting safe and shame-free sexuality always as the end goal, Kaleigh proliferates her work into the universe and onto the internet at any opportunity.