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There are a great many toys to choose from, and each has a range of options, styles, and materials.


These toys come in a very broad spectrum of styles and shapes. Vibes provide sensations ranging from a very mild "hum" to a forceful massage. All of the pleasurably sensitive parts of the body like vibration, meaning that these toys can be used by both men and women. 
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We include a wide variety of toys for penetration play under this heading, which takes in traditional, phallic-shaped toys as well as ben wa balls. Dildos are non-vibrating toys that can be used for internal use with or without a harness. Some versions are also used for gender-bending play and performance.
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Butt toys

This category includes vibrating and non-vibrating toys (such as butt plugs and anal beads) specifically designed for butt play as well as other kinds of toys (such as a variety of slim, smooth dildos) that are also fun to use "down there."
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Lube is a whole lot of fun. It's one of the best ways to add zing to any kind of frictional or penetration play. There are three primary kinds of lube: water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based, and they all have pros and cons. Water-based lube is the most common, largely because it can be used with condoms. It comes in a great many varieties, many of which are specifically formulated to be compatible with sensitive or yeast-infection-prone vaginas.
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Barriers (Condoms, Dams, Gloves)

If you use good barriers and use them properly, you can have worry-free—and therefore confident and hot—sex. Most barriers are made of latex, with a few additional options available for folks with latex allergies. We carry only high-quality Japanese condoms that are thinner and stronger than run-of-the-mill drugstore condoms.
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Harnesses are designed to one seemingly simple thing: strap a dildo or vibe to your body so it can be used for penetration play. There are a surprising variety of ways to accomplish this task, and harnesses come in three basic types that have many variations. "G-string" harnesses use a single strap between the legs; "Jock" harnesses have two straps around the upper thighs; "Thigh" harnesses simply strap around one thigh. 
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Power play

There are a lot of different kinds of power play toys. We include restraints, collars, and other bondage gear here, as well as both painful and gentle sensation play toys such as floggers and nipple clamps. These items range widely in price and quality to accommodate both the absolute beginner and the kink veteran. Beginners might do well to consider one of our kits, which offer a good basic selection of stuff to get you started without breaking the bank.
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Cock n' Ball Toys

Pretty much everything we sell can be happily used by anyone, but these toys are designed with penises in mind. Some toys (such as masturbator sleeves) are designed to mimic penetration play; others (such as cock rings) are used as an accessory or a catalyst to enhance sex or masturbation.
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Toys are made out of more and more substances these days, and manufacturers are getting more and more creative when it comes to giving these materials marketable names. We break down the world of penetration-play toys into "silicone" and "non-silicone", and recommend silicone as the superior material. It's more expensive, but silicone toys are usually higher quality and, overall, a better buy. 

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