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100 Questions About Sex


This set of cards is a gem of a conversation starter. Bring them to meet your Tinder date and have a hotter hook-up. Or use them with a long-term lover to deepen your intimacy. Or integrate them into your long-distance relationship to keep the fire alive. So many possibilities!

Questions range from playful to provocative, and are categorized from X to XXX. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Game changer

This game is a game changer, I love it

Literally can't rave about this enough

I'm in a long-distance relationship with a partner who loves talking about this stuff (and so do I!) but we're both iffy on how to start those conversations. He stumbled upon these while looking at venus envy's website because I had been extoling him about the workshops here. He stumbled onto these cards and was immediatly smitten with the idea.

One trip to the store later, I had scanned them in and we had originally planned on doing a couple at a time while hanging out on discord. Thaaat did not happen we did them all in one night over 7 hours and honestly it elevated the heck out of our relationship. If you're looking at these, don't hesistate just do it!!

Good Relationship Builder

We have really enjoyed using the 100 Questions about Sex. The questions get deeper/ more intimate/ explicit as they move from X to XXX. We are using this as tool within our marriage to feel more comfortable with communicating about sex and during sex. So far, many questions have started healthy and engaged discussions. We have both learned more about each other and had some good laughs. While not every question resonates or is applicable, the majority do! We would recommend!

So awesome! Thank you so much for this great review!