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CB 6000 Chastity Device

by CB-X
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This popular, high-quality chastity device restricts the wearer and gives control to the keyholder. It's designed for comfort and security, so you can wear it for as long as you or your dom(me) desires.

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pthalate free

This product is free from harmful pthalates. In fact, so is every product we sell.

How It Works

There are three interlocking pieces that fit together as one complete device. The two guide pins hold the top pieces together, with a locking pin connecting the cage to the ring. The cage portion is vented for hygiene, and has a bottom opening allowing ease of use at urinals. The different sized rings and spacers allow for customization of fit, depending on the wearer.

Plastic Locks: Each box contains 5 plastic locks, all individually numbered to assure that it is tamper-proof. Once the plastic locks have been engaged, the only method of removal is to cut the plastic lock itself.

Safety: Use a numbered plastic padlock when you know you're going through metal detectors. Use a silicone lubricant after showering to allow your penis to easily slip into the CB6000. As you adjust, you should be able to wear the CB6000 for longer periods of time. If wearing 24/7, we recommend taking it off every 2 weeks or so for a short period of time.


1 cage portion, 5 rings of different sizes, 4 locking pins, 4 spacers, 1 brass padlock with 1 key, 5 individually-numbered plastic locks, zippered storage case.
Medical-grade polycarbonate plastic
Colour Clear
Made In China
Size The rings come in 5 sizes: 1.5", 1.625", 1.75", 1.875", and 2" (each measurement is of the inside diameter).
The cage length is 3.25" with an inside diameter of 1.375".
Note The rings of the CB6000 do not interchange with the CB3000 or the Curve. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Too small :(

I never thought I was big until I tried to put this on at lunch today. The largest (2") ring barely fit, but the cage portion I could not get on at all. Seems very solidly constructed, and could see not being able to get out if I could have gotten in. Very disappointing, but I don't hold VenusEnvy to blame here. I am hoping that as I couldn't actually "use" it, I can return it, but I think I'll probably have to sell it somewhere else.

The shopping experience was excellent, even though I was confused by paypal. Will defiantly purchase from this site again, but probably not for things that need these kind of measurements.


We are a couple in our early 30s and I have always wanted to have more control over my husband sexually. He is very attractive and gets hit on a lot and he travels a lot. I know the temptations are there for him and I had worried about how to make sure he didn't stray. I did my research and discovered these devices, and bought one 6 weeks ago. Like the other woman who wrote an earlier review, I did not tell him, just put it on him after sex (and yes, the instructions are terrible!) and I did it while sitting on his chest facing away from him so he couldn't see what I was doing. When I finally was able to figure it out and click the lock shut, I really felt like I suddenly had control over my relationship. Yes, I trust him but want to help him resist. Also, I liked all I read about how it makes your man more attentive, in every way. Well, he didn't much like it and begged for me to remove it, but I told a little white lie and said I had purposely left the key at the store with a clerk and that he could go down there and ask for it (with a ton of embarrassment, which I knew he wouldn't do. he's very shy) or he could wait until i felt the time was right, depending on his attentions, and then I might go get it. Well the next three weeks were heaven! He was perfect in the house, wonderful in bed and I did unlock him after those 3 weeks and gave him a long slow sexy BJ but stopped short of him coming. I waited until he went soft and then clicked it on again. I think once every 2-3 weeks out is enough for him at this point, but do intend to allow him relief next time out. Thank you for posting the previous reviews. they did help me make up my mind and I am so glad I did buy it.

CB 6000 review

thank you for puttin this on your site. i didnt know if I should get one for my husband, but id read about them and when i read the women saying how good it was for them now i had to get one to. my husband is addicted to porn on the computer and told me he couldnt stop himself, even tho i told him no to. he is a little submissive so when i read the reviews i went to get one and after we had sex when he was lying back i started putting it on him. he didnt stop me but wondered but i told him it would help him stop doing you know what to porn so he let me. it took a while to get right because the instructions are really bad but finally got the right parts together and locked him up. that was on Jan 3 so its been a week of lockup for him and the other women were right this is so good it makes him think about me not about his own sex so it had been the best week of sex for me ever plus i know he cant do anything to porn now so i get all his sexual energy. hes also waaay better at doing things around the house now and waaay better at doing things i wanted him to do in bed before but he wouldnt do much before. so thank you for putting these reviews on they make a difference i dont think i wld have bought one if i didnt read how good these wer. i wonder how many other women make their guys wear one? id love to know


I posted a review last week about the CB6000 and how it had made a difference in my relationship with my pet in just a couple of days. I just wanted to add it has been over a week now and I can again confirm that this was the best toy we have ever purchased. My pet is now locked 24/7 and my world is complete....he is now completely committed to my pleasure and making me happy, and he derives all of his intimate pleasure from mine. His focus now is not on his penis but on my body's responses. The inability to have an erection has made him a different man, and I can see no reason now to ever change what we have found. If you ever wondered if it would benefit you as a wife or girlfriend to lock away your man's penis, I can confirm it makes life so much better for both of you. This is more than a toy; it is a life-changer and makes relationships so much stronger. Thank you to the staff at VE for helping!

Perfect gift for us!

I had sent an email to the staff at VE asking that my subby boyfriend be given the CB 6000 as well as a nice butt plug when I sent him to the shop. He had no idea what he was picking up! He was properly embarrassed as the clerk presented him with the items at the cash and when he stammered 'what is that thing?', she calmly told him it was a male chastity device for him that I had ordered. Well, you can imagine his shock and surprise!! He rushed home with the items, and I confirmed for him he was entering a new phase of submission, that extends our chastity and orgasm denial lifestyle. The device is perfect for him!! A little silicone based lube and it slid smoothly onto him, I locked him up, and it has been 5 days now he has been controlled in this way. What a wonderful change has occurred as a result! He was always obedient and attentive, but now is unbelievably more so, and my life has become so very much better!! I will of course let him out once every 2-3 weeks to check for chafing etc., but plan on keeping my pet caged from now on.

For any wives/GFs who are wondering if this is a worthwhile purchase, our response is YES!! Your life will change and your sexual and emotional needs will be met with all the pent-up energy you can imagine.

His birthday is in February, so obviously I will remove the cage for that day...but while he will expect release, I will be letting him stew all day and bring him to the edge over and over, and then ice him down and re-cage him. It will make him even more eager to please me, I know!

Thank you, VE for making our Christmas perfect and my life more fulfilled