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Crossbar Nipple Vices


Featuring a great looking clamp style inspired by body jewelry, these nipple vises have two press bars squeezing from either side. Just twist the beaded screws to tighten and release lots of sexy pressure. 

As for the temperature play, to warm or chill your Nipple Grips pop them in some heated or icy water for a few minutes. The stainless steel will hold the temperature for a good long while as you play.

The Nipple Grips Crossbar Nipple Vices are easy to clean using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. 

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How It Works

The intensity of the tension is adjustable with the screw near the tips of the clamps. 

The broad tip on these works for a variety of nipple sizes, each Press features a diameter of .75 x .75" when fully extended.

Customer Reviews

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Do I have abnormally large nipples?

I mean sure, I kind of do have large aureolas, but the nubby part I thought was pretty average. Anyway, these were tough to attach, even for my partner, and didn't stay on very well (though my partner did say he had a tough time clamping them on tightly so maybe if you master that part they're more likely to stay put). The process of putting them on was fun though, and they did feel great while on. We'll give it another go some time. If you don't have giant knockers it might be a little easier.