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Fun Factory Fun Cups


The Fun Cup is a reusable menstrual cup made of high-quality, easy to clean silicone. It's soft and comfortable, and you can wear it for up to 12 hours at a time. Holds 4x as much liquid as a regular tampon, so you won't need to change it nearly as often!

We love the Fun Cup because it's eco-friendly, gender-neutral and easy to travel with. 

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pthalate free

This product is free from harmful pthalates. In fact, so is every product we sell.

How It Works

This cup works by collecting blood rather than absorbing it. Once the cup is full, just dump out the contents, rinse it off and put it back in.

Size A is a shorter cup made with a firmer silicone, while Size B is a longer cup made with softer silicone. Both have a slightly slanted top, and are designed for comfort.

Sizing: According to the manufacturers, Size A is best suited for lighter days, for those who haven't given birth vaginally or for those who are under 30. Size B is best suited for heavier flows, those who have given birth vaginally, or who are older than 30. 

As far as we can tell, whether or not someone has delivered vaginally is a pretty good marker of which size they might need, while 30 is a mostly arbitrary age cut-off. As always, you know your body best.

The Explore Kit has one Size A Cup and one Size B Cup, so it's an excellent option if you're not sure which cup is for you.


Includes Each box has 2 Fun Cups and an antimicrobial bag for storage
Made In Germany
Size A 2.1'' long, 1.5'' diameter, 20ml volume
Size B 2.29'' long, 1.7'' diameter, 30ml volume

Care Instructions

To clean, simply wash with hot soapy water. The Fun Cup can also be boiled after or before your period for extra cleanliness. If removing in a public bathroom, simply dump contents into the toilet, wipe out with toilet paper, and re-insert. Store in the included bag.

Staff Reviews

I LOVE the Fun Cup! I gave up on my Diva Cup years ago because it was annoying to scrub and kept giving me yeast infections. But the FunCup is nicer, stain-resistant, and feels like a better quality silicone. I really like the Explore Kit Option, since it let me try both sizes.
The A was either the wrong size or too firm for my body -  no matter how many adjustments I made, it sat right against my bladder and I felt a constant need to pee. Luckily, Size B is a softer silicone so I didn't have that issue with it. 

Who it might be great for: So many people! It's not gendered like other cups, which is great. The top is slanted, so it might be a better option for people with a tilted uterus who've found cups that are straight at the top to be extra painful - especially the Size A which is fairly short (but it would definitely vary from person to person!). The B Cup is much softer than other cups, so it's much easier to use one-handed.
Who it might not work for: Like all menstrual cups, it might not be great for someone who has an IUD, especially if it's been recently put in.

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