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Hope & Her Dilator Set

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Hope & Her Dilators are thoughtfully designed with a tapered tip and a seamless, smooth finish. Each of the six progressive dilators can be used with the included handle to facilitate comfortable dilation. This set starts very small, significantly smaller than a tampon, and increases gradually with each size.

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pthalate free

This product is free from harmful pthalates. In fact, so is every product we sell.

How It Works

Dilators can help decrease pain and discomfort during intercourse and to increase sexual pleasure in your life. Most people use dilators in order to maintain or increase the elasticity of the vaginal opening. There are many different ways to do dilation exercises, and we strongly recommend consulting your doctor of physiotherapist before using dilators, in order to make sure you have the best instructions for your body. This dilator set is best suited for active dilation, the firm plastic and handle make it easy to hold and move. 

Dilation exercises work best when you are relaxed and using a lot of lube. Try to make some uninterrupted time to use your dilator set. Many people find that taking a hot shower or bath helps to relax them a little beforehand. The frequency with which you use them will vary from person to person.

Focus on deep pelvic breathing – also known as "reverse kegels" - this breathing helps relax the pelvic floor muscles.

Use the smallest comfortable dilator to gently stretch in different directions. Picture the vagina as a clock and apply a gentle stretch at each number on the clock. Stop if you experience any pain and switch to a smaller dilator next session.


Material ABS plastic
Made In USA
Size A 15mm x 88mm (0.6" x 3.48")
Size B 22mm x 101mm (.88" x 3.97")
Size C 26mm x 113mm (1.04" x 4.06")
Size D 30mm x 126mm (1.19" 4.95")
Size E 34mm x 138mm (1.35" x 4.55)
Size F 38mm x 151mm (1.5" x 5.96")

Care Instructions

Wash with unscented soap or your favourite toy cleaner, and rinse well. Store in the included cotton pouch.