Hot, Wet, and Shaking: How I Learned to Talk About Sex


Invisible Publishing

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This is a sex book. It’s a book about having sex by yourself, with one person, or with twenty people if everyone is down. It’s about saying words like cunt, fuck, and come. But it’s also about the things we don’t talk about—the mystery, the expectations, and the bullshit that can go along with sex.

Kaleigh Trace—disabled, queer, sex educator—chronicles her journey from ignorance to bliss as she shamelessly discusses her sexual exploits, bodily negotiations and attempts at adulthood, sparing none of the details and assuming you are not polite company.

Kaleigh Trace’s work has appeared in The CoastThe Huffington Post,CRITThe Tide, and on her own blog: The Fucking Facts( As a disabled, queer, feminist, sex educator she has spoken at conferences across Canada. From her home base in Halifax, Kaleigh writes about safe and shameless sex of all kinds, for all kinds.

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Customer Reviews