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Low Temperature Candles

Color: Pastel Tones

These low temperature candles offer lots of heat without the burn!

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How It Works

These are warm-melt candles, so they won't burn the skin when used. They will still be very hot! Make sure to start dripping the wax from a distance of at least 3 feet to gauge how hot the wax is, before getting closer to the skin.


Material Paraffin
Size Each candle is 6''/15 cm long

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Safe and fun

Great product that did its job, and did not burn me. Highly recommend.

Mackinley C.

It was a very enjoyable experience. Best enjoyed with someone else. Can melt unevenly, so be careful. Drips kind of fast as well.

Was expecting a pleasant

Was expecting a pleasant sting from the candle wax but instead was given a painful red blister where the wax made contact with my skin.

Low Tempeture candles

My girlfriend and I decided to purchase this item a while ago. While it is a fun toy, the wax is painful. I enjoyed it myself but I have a bent for that side of sex, my girlfriend on the other hand found it to be too hot. In addition there is a little bit of clean up after use. This toy is not for everyone but at the price it's worth picking up for a trip to the kinky side of sex.