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Nixit Menstrual Cup

by Nixit

Nixit is a disc-style menstrual cup made from super soft silicone, with a unique one-size-fits-all shape. 

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How It Works

The Nixit cup sits below the cervix (does not require a suction fit or a specific size like some traditional cups) and collects menstrual blood. Because it doesn't absorb like a tampon, the Nixit cup can be worn for up to 12 hours and it doesn't change vaginal pH.

To insert Nixit, pinch the sides so the cup is long and narrow like a tampon, insert fully into the vaginal canal and push the rim to make sure it's in pace. It's best to do this in a position where you're as relaxed as possible. To remove, pull gently on the rim of the cup until you are able to take it out. We'd recommend trying this a couple times when you're not menstruating, just to get used to the process!

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Medical-grade silicone
Made In Canada
Sizing One size fits most


Includes a drawstring bag for storage.

Care Instructions

To clean, simply wash with mild soap and water. Nixit can also be boiled after or before your period for extra cleanliness. If removing in a public bathroom, simply dump contents into the toilet, wipe out with toilet paper, and re-insert. Store in the included bag.