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PRUDEmag #1


The inaugural issue of PRUDEmag is a beautiful full-colour zine featuring an interview with a sex worker on the asexual spectrum, poetry on prude-shaming in Christian communities, an anti-'virginity' opinion piece from a writer with vaginismus, confessional text messages navigating consent and disability, and much more!

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PRUDEmag is a Toronto-based zine for spinsters, rule-makers, asexuals, relationship anarchists, and all others refusing sex necessarism.

We reclaim "prude" as a celebration of our autonomy and boundary setting, and a liberation in which "no" is sacred. We believe strongly in prude-slut solidarity and prude-slut simultaneity. We understand prudeness as radical challenge to colonialism, capitalism, white supremacy, and cisheteropatriarchy. Solidarity, community care, and play are pillars of the prude movement.

Whether our prudism is related to our sexual orientation, our trauma, our disability, our spirituality, or none of the above, prude identity rejects a one-size-fits-all sexual empowerment.