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Trans Masc Pump 2.0

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Designed for queer, trans masculine, and non binary bodies, this pump increases sensation and stimulation to the genitals. 

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made with love

This product was made with extra care by a small, independent manufacturer.

pthalate free

This product is free from harmful pthalates. In fact, so is every product we sell.

How It Works

NYTC's Trans Masc Pump features a custom translucent cylinder that is comfortable due to its wide flanged base. The easy to use pump was designed with a range of bodies in mind, ensuring that many people could use this to achieve comfortable growth. For folks who have not been on T or who don't have much bottom growth, this pump may be a better fit.

This kit includes 1 cylinder, and one pump with a release valve.


 Material Acrylic and ABS plastic
Made In USA
Cylinder Length 3''
Cylinder Diameter 1.25''

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Pretty good

Three things I feel people should realize before they purchase:
1. There is no pressure gauge. You have to rely on feeling alone to know how much to pump.
2. You cannot disconnect the pump and still keep the cylinder pressurized. It would be nice if this was possible - it would make it easier to leave it on for longer periods of time (the pump and tubing gets a bit in the way if you're planning to keep it on for a while)
3. The cylinder is fairly large, and the flange is really wide at the base. Pro: the flange distributes the pressure against your pelvic area and this probably makes it more comfortable for some people. Con: The flange kinda gets in the way for myself, and the wide cylinder sucks up a lot more than just my dick. You kind of need 3 hands to make it work perfectly (1 hand to pump, 1 hand to hold the cylinder in place, and 1 hand to move any foreskin or other bits out of the way). To be honest, I just wish this came with some various sized cylinders and that would probably solve my issues.

Overall, I am happy with this product and feel it's good value for the price. I really appreciated the branding- it's nice to see products like this, made for guys like me. I do hope they improve on the above points in future versions, or at least offer some other cylinder sizes to purchase separately. But even still - it's not bad, and it does the job like it should. You should buy it if you're thinking about it