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About Sex Toys

About Books + Comix

There are a lot of books about sex out there. As with our selection of toys, we have chosen to sell online and in our stores books that we think have something special, smart, or fun to offer. Take a look at our overview here, and check out the staff and customer book reviews. There is certain to be a book or two that suit your particular interests and needs.

If we don't seem to have a book that you're interested in, please contact us: not only do our stores carry thousands more titles than we show on the site, but we can special order books of any sort for you.

Sex Guides

Look for a sex guide that you'll feel comfortable with. There are quite a few comprehensive books about all the highways and byways of human sexuality, but each takes a distinctive approach or tone to the material. The Guide to Getting it On, for instance, is casual and irreverent, but not as slick or hip as The Big Bang, which is also a fun read. The "Good Vibrations" guides are all outstanding, and tend to provide a lot of background and context for their discussions of technique.


Choosing erotica is also a matter of deciding on subject matter and tone. Many of the books or erotica we carry are written by and for women—which doesn't mean that they are all roses and soft kisses, but that they tend to steer clear of certain erotic stereotypes and cliches that make so much erotica seem all the same.

Our online selection foregrounds anthologies of erotic writing, which has the advantage of variety. Check out any of the "Best of" series for a selection of the year's hottest texts. Of course we sell erotica of many shades of sensuality, including couples-oriented romantic tales with plot and characters and nasty, kinky short stories with a lot of action.

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