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The Condom Comparison Chart
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The Condom Comparison Chart

How do you know the difference between all the condoms we sell? Use our handy chart!
Brand Width Length Thickness Features
Beyond 7 53 mm 185 mm 0.04 mm Super thin, silicone lube, blueish tint
Crown 53 mm 185 mm 0.04 mm Super thin, silicone lube, pinkish tint
Glyde Slimfit 49 mm 170 mm 0.05 mm Vegan, snug fit, silicone lube, fair-trade
Glyde Ultra 53 mm 180 mm 0.062 mm Vegan, silicone lube, fair-trade
Glyde Maxi 56 mm 205 mm 0.052mm Vegan, larger fit, silicone lube, fair-trade
Internal Condom 76 mm 185 mm 0.04 mm Made with nitrile (non-latex), worn internally, silicone lube
Kimono 52 mm 190 mm 0.045 mm Very thin, silicone lube, made in Japan
Kimono Large

52 mm (s)
60 mm (h)

193 mm 0.045 Very thin, larger condom, convex-shape (wider head), silicone lube
Skyn 53 mm 190 mm 0.07 mm Polyisoprene (non-latex), silicone lube
Skyn Large 56 mm 200 mm 0.07 mm Polyisoprene (non-latex), silicone lube, larger condom


Legend: (s)= shaft  (h)= head

This chart features only condoms we sell on our website. We carry a slightly different stock in our stores, so call us or drop by if you're looking for something different!

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