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Sex and Weed 101
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Sex and Weed 101

A guest post by Luna Matatas.

Does weed get your genitals high?

What’s the connection between cannabis and sex? The body makes its own natural receptor system for cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids. Research shows there are a lot of receptors for cannabinoids in areas of the brain that are responsible for sexual function. 

Much of what we know about weed and sex is based on anecdotal evidence from self-reporting surveys. There isn’t a lot of scientific research yet on the types of things that would help to understand the science of marijuana and it’s impact on sex and pleasure in humans. There are some really interesting ways people are reporting increasing their pleasure by using cannabis during solo sex, partnered sex and/ or using sex toys to alter physical and emotional sensations. 


Does cannabis + sex = more pleasure?

Cannabis is a vasodilator, which means that it opens up blood vessels and promotes blood flow - which are awesome physical conditions for arousal and increasing the body’s receptivity to sensation. Here are some common sexual issues that some people have reported using marijuana to help with:

  • Pain during vaginal penetration
  • Anal sex discomfort
  • Impact play like flogging or spanking
  • Deepening sensations like textures, rope bondage, temperature play and even just basic touch or sex toys
  • Performance anxiety
  • Creating erotic rituals during sex and kink

Research shows cannabis impacts our nervous systems, which may influence pain perception and feelings of anxiety and fear. Some people use cannabis as a way to promote expansion of their erotic imagination during sex to get more sexually creative, for example with roleplay or kink. Feeling more relaxed and comfortable from weed might decrease any inhibitions and make you feel more playful and curious during sex. 

Lots of factors go into arousal, desire and pleasure, so it might take some trial and error for you to find out what cannabis and sex looks like for you. 


What do I need to consider when getting started?

Getting started with anything new can be intimidating. Weed and sex is no different, here are some common considerations:


THC will get you high because it is psychoactive. Different people will have different reactions to THC. Go slow with dosing and try to track your experiences.

CBD typically will not get you head high, but provide more of an overall sense of relaxation both physically and mentally.  If you’re unfamiliar with how cannabis feels in your body, start with CBD and dedicate a sex date (with yourself or a partner) to focusing on what feels different about doing things you normally like but with some CBD in your system. 

Keep track of your experience with different strains and types of marijuana so you can reflect on what experiences you enjoyed. 

Cannabis delivery method

Edibles, vaping, smoking, bongs, topicals, oils, suppositories - so many options! Cannabis delivery methods also have pros and cons to each, so do your research to understand your choices thoroughly. 

Each delivery system for cannabis may have varying release times. For example, smoking cannabis will give you almost instant effects, whereas many edibles take 45 mins - 5 hours to fully blossom in your system. Consider the delivery method when you’re planning your cannabis sex date! Cannabis-infused body oils or weed lubes will generally take 20-45 mins to create an impact. 

Marijuana Dosing

Understanding dosing can be difficult if you aren’t a regular cannabis user or if you’re making homemade cannabis-infused products like edibles or lubes. Even some products on the market that are cannabis-infused may not list the amounts of cannabis in the container so it can be hard to gauge potency per use. Start slow, be patient and wait the recommended time depending on the delivery method before using more. It can be tempting to want to accelerate the effects by adding more cannabis before allowing for the full effect time, and then accidentally take too much.


Cannabis can have a dehydrating effect for some people giving them a pasty feeling in their mouth, but also drying out other mucosal areas like the vagina. “Cotton vagina” can also happen. Stay hydrated with lots of water and use water-based or silicone lubes for penetrative play in the anus or vagina. It will decrease friction from fingers, penises or sex toys feel much more pleasurable. 

Sexual Performance and Weed

Some penis-owners may experience erectile dysfunction (ED), sometimes known as ‘weed dick’ from daily cannabis use. Other studies have shown CBD to have a positive effect on maintaining erections. Because ED has many factors that could influence it, the science of cannabis and erections isn’t clear yet. 

Sex toys are amazing for co-creating pleasure between partners, explore the sensations of vibrators, dildos, ticklers and butt plugs. If kink is on the menu, explore CBD with sensation-inspired erotic activities like spanking, temperature play, ticklers, and erotic wax candles. 

If you experience vaginismisus or painful penetrative sex, you may experience a relief of physical pain which allows you to relax more deeply into pleasure. Likewise for anal sex, CBD may provide an overall or anus-specific body relaxation that can support pleasurable anal penetration.


Consent and Cannabis

Sexual health and safety is important always, but especially if consent might be impaired. If you’re using psychoactive cannabis, there may be challenges in communicating clearly about what feels good and what doesn’t during sex. Consent can be revoked at any time and it should be clear. If you’re unsure if you’re partner is able to continue sex while high, then everything needs to stop. 

Talk about cannabis use with your partner and discuss what consent looks like and how you’ll practice active and engaged consent, and what you’re open to doing the first time you’re trying cannabis and sex together.

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How do I get started with cannabis and sex?

Everyone's endocannabinoid system is different - which means that getting started with cannabis might look different for everyone depending on experience with marjiuana, physical and mental health and other physiological variants. Go slow, be patient and reflect on experiences. 

Here are three ways to get started exploring cannabis and pleasure:

  1. Make a pot and pleasure date

    If you’re comfortable with cannabis use, plan an intentional date solo or partnered to explore sensations while high. Grab sex toys with texture, temperature and vibration possibilities; like massage gloves, feathers, vibrators and glass dildos.

  2. Lube up with weed lube

    Try out a weed lube for masturbation or partnered sex. This one is CBD-based in MCT oil, so if you’re using latex barriers like condoms or gloves then these lubes are not compatible with latex

  3. Get sensual with cannabis-infused oils

    This one is infused with CBD and has a silky texture or a sensual massage. Give a massage to all the under-serviced erogenous zones like hands, ears, inner thighs, backs of knees and work your way to the hotter spots as your partner starts to relax.

Enjoy the exploration, expand your ideas of erotic and sink into sensations whether you’re using CBD or THC or edibles or weed lube. Your experience is unique to you!

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