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Kegels Pamphlet
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Gaffs and Binders Pamphlet
Gender 101 Pamphlet
Gender 101 Pamphlet
The G Spot
A short guide to the G Spot!
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Alternative Menstrual Care
Taking care of your new toy
Our pamphlet about how to take care of all types of toys.
Sex Toys and Disability
BDSM 101
Anal Pleasure and Health
Here at Venus Envy we like to offer a full range of products and information about your sexual and reproductive health. In this section, you will find alternative menstrual care products, herbal teas, organic massage oils, and some other products related to your overall health.   Menstrual products Cloth PadsReusable, breathable and often made by women-owned businesses, washable cotton pads are a...
There are a lot of books about sex out there. As with our selection of toys, we have chosen to sell online and in our stores books that we think have something special, smart, or fun to offer. Take a look at our overview here, and check out the staff and customer book reviews. There is certain to be a book or two that suit your particular interests and needs.
Men can use a bewildering variety of sex toys, including vibrators(penises and testicles really like vibration!) and dildos or other butt toys (hello prostate!). The "boy toys" here, however, are specifically designed to be used on the genitals, and so deserve some closer consideration.  
Power play can consist of bondage, erotic embarrassment, tickling, slapping, flogging, pinching and hundreds of other ways of playing with sensation and power. » for much more information about BDSM, see our Sex Ed article "Safer BDSM: An Introduction"  
All of our harnesses are designed to be used with a dildo with a flared base (flange). We do not carry any dildo and harness all-in-one units because they tend to be poorly made from inferior materials. Although inexpensive, such products aren't cheaper in the long run than buying a good quality harness and dildo: a leather harness will last for many years and a silicone dildo should last a...
"Sensual" can mean many different things to different people. We've included lots of different massage products, tickling feathers, edible and warming oils and balms. Anything that we've included on the sensual pages has been tasted and tested by many of us here at venus envy—'cause if it doesn't taste good, why would you want to get it in your mouth? Obviously taste is a subjective matter but it...
Slippery, safe sex is the hottest kind of sex. Lube, for instance, is one the best sex toys out there. It makes everything feel just that much more … more, lets you play harder and longer, and is essential for anal play. Condoms and other barriers prevent unintended sharing of bodily fluids; playing safe lets you feel confident, and frees you to pay attention to pleasure and fun instead of worry...
  Anal play is fun for a bunch of reasons, and toys designed for your butt generally aim to provide one or more of the primary anal play sensations:
Silicone is hypo-allergenic and non-porous, making it a snap to clean and easy to share. Silicone toys may be used both anally and vaginally with only a good washing with hot soapy water in between. Silicone also warms quickly and maintains heat so it's more comfortable more quickly. Silicone is so hardy that you can boil it for a few minutes for extra cleanliness or throw it into the dishwasher...
Dildos come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. There's a lot of choice, and these days buying a dildo can be a matter of style as much as a practical decision about what rocks your boat. The top things to consider when choosing a dildo are its size, its shape, and the material it's made of.  
There seems to be an almost infinite variety of vibrating toys; choosing among them can be intimidating. What we'll do here is break down the choice by a number of factors you'll want to consider when looking through our offerings.
Toy Tips Always (always, always!) use lube for any kind of anal play. Silicone and Cyberskin toys should not be used with silicone-based lube. Jelly toys should be stored away from each other and your Cyberskin toys (they'll melt!). Condoms are recommended for shared toys, and essential for toys used both anally and vaginally.
Silicone. It's not exactly what you might think of as a sensual or erotic material. Silicone sex toys, however, are the new wave in personal pleasure; in fact, most purveyors of fine adult products suggest using nothing but silicone. Traditionally, toys have been made out of plastic, wood, jelly (latex), rubber and leather (not to mention the widespread but unofficial use of housewares and...
Please note, this article is from 1998, the first writing we ever published! So it's not exactly up to date in terms of product selection. 
Discovering lube as a grown-up is like discovering what your clit does as a kid. "Who," you think, "was the brilliant mind behind this idea? And why did I not know about this sooner? Why did I memorize the quadratic equation in high school, but not hear a word about this vastly more life-improving substance?" Below you will find an introduction to this lovely stuff.
Sex Toys 101
Knotty Fun: An Intro to Rope Bondage
Pamphlet: PDF icon Knotty Fun
For a while, it seemed like electric vibrators had gone out of vogue. In our stores, they sat in their basket on the wall, and occasionally someone would pick one up, flip the switch, do a double take and put it back down again. Which always struck me as a shame, since I am a die-hard, loyal, electric vibrator enthusiast.
The phrase "safe, sane, and consensual" is the cornerstone of responsible BDSM. This can be expanded upon to include such notions as: