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Dildos come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. There's a lot of choice, and these days buying a dildo can be a matter of style as much as a practical decision about what rocks your boat. The top things to consider when choosing a dildo are its size, its shape, and the material it's made of.



Sometimes you need a little . . . sometimes you need a lot! Size preference varies widely from one person to the next, and even from one day to the next for the same person. Not sure what size you're looking for? If you have other toys, a few fingers, or a penis handy for purposes of comparison then you probably have some idea. If not, a quick trip to the grocer's can help—think carrots, cucumbers, zucchini (and you're already halfway to dinner!). Note that as a general rule, toys are less pliable than their fleshy phallic counterparts, so keep that in mind when looking at some of the bigger toys.

Our measurements are given in inches. The larger dimension is length—that's insertable length, not including base or balls. We measure the width of toys at the widest point, and this measurement is of diameter, not circumference.


Ultra-realistic or playful dolphin? So many questions, and so many dils! No matter your predilection there's a dildo for you. Styles range from the hyper-real to the entirely fanciful, and the choice is up to you. Some styles offer advantages for g-spotting (see below). Most just offer a lot of variety to suit your personal aesthetic sense.

On a more practical note, some dils do have specific purposes, or at least uses at which they excel. Double dils, such as the Nexus and Feeldoe are meant to be shared. Curved dildos, such as the Tantus Hot Rods and the Diva are great for G-spot or prostate gland stimulation. There are also toys such as the Aria or Ben-Wa balls that can be used for Kegel exercises. And for those with looking for something to really hold onto, the G-Force might be the just one for you!

Most dils are designed to accomodate being used in a harness: this means they have a flared base about 2" in diameter. Realistic dils with balls can also be accommodated in an o-ring harness. Some dil manufacturers make toys with wider bases that are better for many styles of harnesses. Look for Happy Valley and Vixen toys if you have a harness without an adjustable o-ring.

Ben-Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls are hard plastic spheres with a heavy steel ball inside. When they move (when you move) the metal balls vibrate inside their plastic casing. They are meant for vaginal insertion, and once they're in, they stay in. This can lead to extraction issues, so the balls we sell all come with a pull cord. Some ben wa balls have a silicone and hard plastic coating that makes them super-easy to clean. These are called Smart Balls and they come in a multitude of great colors.

Let's dispel a myth about Ben Wa balls — also known as duotone or orgasm balls. They probably won't make you come, at least not by themselves. If they do, you're an extremely lucky gal. But they do have some great uses: they're perfect for practicing your Kegel exercises: pop them in for a hands-free PC workout. The sense of fullness and slight movement they provide is a wonderful accompaniment to other forms of stimulation. They're easy to wear if you're wearing a harness. Also, they're super-sneaky; no one has to know you're wearing them! Fun on a date or just vacuuming the house.


See our description of sex toy materials here.

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