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About Safer Sex

About Safer Sex

Slippery, safe sex is the hottest kind of sex. Lube, for instance, is one the best sex toys out there. It makes everything feel just that much more … more, lets you play harder and longer, and is essential for anal play. Condoms and other barriers prevent unintended sharing of bodily fluids; playing safe lets you feel confident, and frees you to pay attention to pleasure and fun instead of worry about STIs or pregnancy.

A few words of caution. If you have super-sensitive skin you may want to avoid any lube that uses methylparaben as a preservative. If you're prone to yeast infections lubes with glycerin or sugar may trigger them.


Lube makes a slippery situation even more slippery, lessens the chance of condom breakage, lets you give the hand job of his life, is absolutely essential for anal play, and can even be substituted for hair gel in a pinch. All of the lubes we sell are slippery, and they're all nicer than KY and more body-friendly than the usual drugstore brands. 

All water-based lubes eventually dry up because the water evaporates; some last longer than others. Water-based lubes are usually the most body-friendly, though lubes with glycerine or sugar might lead to yeast infections when used vaginally. (Glycerine is also a common culprit of the "sticky after drying" feeling!). If you're particularly sensitive, you may want to look for all-natural brands like Sliquid, Yes, and Sutil.

Slippery Stuff is our overall favourite staff pick because it is silicone- and latex-friendly, doesn't contain glycerine, lasts quite a while, doesn't get sticky—and it's pretty cheap.

Barriers (condoms, dams, gloves)

Most barriers are available primarily in latex which can be frustrating for someone with latex allergies. Gloves come in many different materials including nitrile and vinyl, but there is little choice when it comes to latex-free condoms, and the only latex-free oral dam we can think of would be plastic kitchen wrap. Keep in mind that something is better than nothing when it comes to barriers but plastic wrap hasn't been tested to find out just how much safer it makes sex.